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  • Sad Story About Restaurants

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    Re: Sad Story About Restaurants

    First off, what an exceptional piece of writing. I'm not making light of the situation, rather commending the author. While deeply compelling, it's viscerally painful to read that pervasive nightmare unfold. Wholeheartedly feel for folks who meet such fate.

    I'm eternally optimistic, but as Aldous Huxley wrote “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” The evaporation and metastatic erosion of the middle and--albeit--the lower class(as if tragically they could slump any further) is no longer a psunami at sea but one that has reached ashore. The unemployment level isn't such that there are workers who cannot find jobs, it's that the jobs won't exist. EzPass will get easier, for instance, and will layoff more and more workers eventually retaining a hired few. Silly to toss EzPass as an example, but it's early in the AM hours. What's more, one of my beliefs is that the "bad economy" is actually good at saving that, I mean, because business owners cannot purchase more sophisticated equipment due to various impediments be they cash flow or lack of credit, workers are spared their jobs that would have otherwise vanished had the acquisition of sophisticated equipment been successful.

    Another headline, today, reads something like this: Mark Wahlberg drops price of 9,000 sq. ft. mansion, trouble selling it, while construction of his 30,000 sq. ft. mansion is underway.

    Go figure,



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      Re: Sad Story About Restaurants

      Great article, but wow, depressing. Hopefully things will improve in the future for them. Current economic outlook for Spain is pretty grim with over 20% unemployment (12% for the head of household), talks of rescue loans, etc.
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        Re: Sad Story About Restaurants

        Your post title reminded me of a trip last weekend, annual trek down to Mid-Ohio race track for Vintage Motorcycle Days.
        Left the house around 6:00am, so stopping at Bob Evan's for breakfast seemed like a good idea.
        Let me start by saying I haven't patronized this chain in many years.
        The fare, choke and puke award winner.
        My friend Jack ordered a stack of pan cakes, after his second and last bite, he renamed the dish tire patches with warm glue.
        I did the breakfast special, eggs, hash browns, sausage and toast.
        Eggs were not over easy, looked like they were dropped and flipped.
        Potatoes tasted rancid, I'm sure the cooking oil was recycled from the deep flyer.
        The sausage, had one brown line on it proving it touched something hot besides the microwave.
        The only tasty portion of my breakfast was the toast, so I ate my toast and was glad they left the pot of decent coffee, till I poured my second cup only to find a pot of hot water.
        How sad, years ago, you could pull off the free way and count on a decent breakfast.


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          Re: Sad Story About Restaurants

          I've seen this in Ireland, too. Awfully depressing, and very frustrating for those who can afford the occasional meal out to have nowhere decent left to go.
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            Re: Sad Story About Restaurants

            wow if you can't make even breakfast and you are a breakfast place,,,not good

            To the point of the article it is sad. But, not sure what the solution is.


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              Re: Sad Story About Restaurants

              one thing I have learned from studying history's not just their problem it's a problem that comes to get everyone sooner or latter ...

              one story comes to haunt my mind... as a child Lee Iacocca's father had a hot dog stand and when the market crashed in 1929 the old man said " the h#ell with those rich people" in six months he was broke and standing in a soup line...

              hope for the best, prepare for the worst...
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