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  • Leaving the Wine Advocate Team

    Effective July 1, I shall no longer be in the employ of The Wine Advocate. The opportunity and challenge of working with Robert Parker and his iconic journal, and of reporting from so many far-flung parts of the world has been a tremendous honor for which I thank him and my readers. I am looking forward to at once deepening my investigations into a few growing regions and to writing more broadly about wine. I am confident that with the arrival of Stephan Reinhardt - whose work I have enthusiastically followed and whom I have for several years had the good fortune to count as a friend - The Wine Advocate will be able to more efficiently and expeditiously deliver the authoritative tasting notes that are its stock in trade. Between now and my departure, readers will receive further reports from me on wines of Austria, Alsace, the Languedoc and the Loire.

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    Re: Leaving the Wine Advocate Team

    I wish you the best of luck, David. Your departure is bad news for us, and bad news for TWA, but I hope the future holds nothing but success for you.
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      Re: Leaving the Wine Advocate Team

      I would like to take this opportunity to bid a heartfelt farewell to our reviewer David Schildknecht and tell you about an exciting new addition to our reviewer team.

      My relationship, professionally, as a wine enthusiast, and personally as a friend, with David Schildknecht goes back to my early days of trolling Washington DC wine shops. Although this may date me as a dinosaur for some, my friendship with David would have begun in the mid-1970s. David sold me a lot of Alsace wines during his tenure at several of DC's finest wine shops before moving to take another retail job in Ohio. I have always had the highest professional respect for David, but also he is a complete person in his private life - a long married and dedicated husband and father. So, it is not easy to comment on David's departure from TWA. We are a small business, we all work extremely long hours, and spend far too much solitary time on the road. We all know we are very lucky, but also that nothing in life is permanent. David's talent is exceptional, and working with him after having bought so much wine from him, was one of my life's pleasures as well as an honor. He will be missed by all of us, and we wish him only the greatest success in future endeavors. He has earned our affection and enormous respect, and we know his future path will be a brilliant one.


      It is never easy replacing any of our writers, and especially David, who is a legend in German and Austrian wine-writing circles, but we believe we have a great replacement. Stephan Reinhardt was an easy choice for many reasons. He is German, lives in Hamburg, and is already a recognized authority on German wine. He also makes our team "younger" as he was born in 1967, a year that forever changed my life as it put me on the path to wine writing, and even more importantly, gave me the young girl who is now my wife of 44+ years! We realize change is never easy, but we are all excited by Stephan's potential. Below is a brief biography of Stephan that clearly attests to his professionalism, skill-set, and qualifications for joining the world's leading consumer guide to wine.



      Born in Germany, Reinhardt established a world-wide reputation as a leading wine reviewer. Most recently, he penned The Finest Wines of Germany, which was quickly shortlisted as "Best International Wine Book of Year" by the Louis Roederer International Wine Wrtiers’ Award. He also co-authored Wein spricht deutsch, a 720-page monster book on the wines of Germany, Austria, Alsace, Alto Adige and Switzerland. Reinhardt was editor-in-chief of Vinum, a 10-issue magazine distributed in Zurich/Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, and Weinwisser, a Swiss/German wine newsletter. He’s written stories for a number of publications, including The World of Fine Wine; numerous German daily newspapers; and lifestyle magazines including Der Feinschmecker, Falstaff and Fine – das Weinmagazin. His wine-writing career began when he translated Oz Clarke’s Wine Encyclopedia while studying and teaching theatre science at Munich University and selling wine in the evenings at a local wine shop. Reinhardt is passionate about Riesling, Port and Pinot Noir, loves music (especially jazz), travel and soccer. He lives with his family near Hamburg, Germany.

      Robert M. Parker, Jr.

      May, 2014


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        Re: Leaving the Wine Advocate Team

        Best of luck with your future endeavors! I've always loved reading your coverage.

        Jörgen Lindström Carlvik


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          Re: Leaving the Wine Advocate Team


          Sorry to see you leave but I hope that your departure will not prevent you from hopping across the big blue pond every now and then to share a glass or two of Riesling with fellow wine nerds... What's the plan for the future - are you going back to the wine trade? Best of luck whatever path you take!

          Bob, congratulations to have Stephan on the team; I think this is a no-brainer. Regardless of who's covering a region I believe there is always a tremendous logistical advantage when that person is living in the country he/she covers.



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            Re: Leaving the Wine Advocate Team

            Good luck David. I came back to TWA solely to read your work, so will follow your adventures wherever they lead you.
            David M. Bueker

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              Re: Leaving the Wine Advocate Team

              Good luck in future endeavors, David.


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                Re: Leaving the Wine Advocate Team

                David, best of luck to you, you will be missed here. I look forward to reading more from you in the future.

                Warm regards,

                Beth Sheligo


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                  Re: Leaving the Wine Advocate Team

                  Ahhh life goes on!
                  David is a very special wine writer. I was often astounded at the breadth and depth of his knowledge of wine. More impressive is his open (and very agile) mind and his ability to engage on a range of topics.
                  He is so much more than a wine reviewer. (as challenging as that can be in and of itself).


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                    Re: Leaving the Wine Advocate Team

                    Best of luck in your future endeavors David. You are missed.
                    With regards, Loren


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                      Re: Leaving the Wine Advocate Team

                      Best of luck David. I really enjoyed all your writing and your coverage of Alsace.

                      Welcome Stephan, these are big shoes to fill but I'm sure your passion and enthusiasm will come through.
                      Drink Something Good

                      Denis von Banck


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                        Re: Leaving the Wine Advocate Team

                        Will miss those Loire and Coriscan reviews, although its good news for my wallet.

                        Hope the future works out well for you. Thanks for all the effort


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                          Re: Leaving the Wine Advocate Team


                          It's been an absolute pleasure working with you. I remember enquiring with you about Burgundy and some German growers.. You nonchalantly reeled off an astonishing amount of information that made me realise how much I have to learn. It was always great to see you in Baltimore. Don't think of visiting London without calling me first to arrange dinner.

                          Looking forward to working with Stephan.

                          Right...back to tasting.


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                            Re: Leaving the Wine Advocate Team

                            best of luck to you, David.
                            Homer: I have great motivational skills. Everyone says they have to work a lot harder when I'm around.


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                              Re: Leaving the Wine Advocate Team

                              Considering that DS's posts are usually excruciatingly long, this op is the exact opposite and uncharacteristic. Nonetheless, best wishes!

                              Looking forward to timely coverage with Stephan on board. Best wishes as well.
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