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    Re: What happens to this forum, what's next?

    Talking to the press first was bush league.
    A wine should be capable of ageing, and for that it must have balance and structure-those are words that count.
    -Gerard Chave

    2016 Wines of the Year (to date)[/U]
    2005 Ramonet Chevalier Montrachet
    2001 Dom Leroy GC Combettes

    2015 Wines of the Year
    1990 Chave Hermitage
    1993 Dom Ruinart (magnum)

    2014 Wines of the Year
    1990 Latour
    1990 Margaux

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    1990 La Tache

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    Red: 1906 Lafite
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      Re: What happens to this forum, what's next?

      The real answer to the question posed in the title of this post ... we have fun ... we start again with a new forum on Antonio's new site!!



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        Re: What happens to this forum, what's next?

        Antonio, best of luck on your new ventures. I've signed up on your new site and look forward to your continued input on awesome Italian wines!
        Chae Uk Yi


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          Re: What happens to this forum, what's next?

          Poorly handled and confusing would sum up just about every major announcement made by WA and Ebob for as far back as I can remember.. Nothing new there..
          Whether Antonio is here or on a new site, I don't particularly care. As long as he keeps writing about Italian wine and this forum continues to exist in some form or another I will be okay with it.. A little annoying that I'll have to pay an additional subscription fee, but if it leads to improved coverage of Italian wine then it's worth it...

          Life is change... With a bit of luck we'll all be looking back at this in a year or two thinking it was the best thing that could have happened...

          It will be interesting to see whether Antonio opens his bulletin board to all, or only subscribers. Personally I would prefer the former if it leads to an even more vibrant community and exchange of ideas, without a loss of the civility and respect shown by all on this board..
          Erik Portanger


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            Re: What happens to this forum, what's next?

            Erik, to your last question, one only need look at other boards (glaringly obvious examples exist) laced with their snide vitriol and numerous online hater-types to get a feel for what a "non-subscription based" board might look like. In my experience free boards tend to court this fundemental lack of civility, thus, I'd be in favor of keeping it subscription based.
            - rico
            ITB - Colorado Importer/Distributor


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              Re: What happens to this forum, what's next?

              Frequent lurker, seldom contributor...perhaps you can relate to being in the wholesale biz and barely having enough time to do what I need for work, let alone recreation.

              But I'll agree with Alan, you too are one of my favorite people to read on Italian wines on this board, and all compliments aside, I nominate YOU to take over position on this board. You know your stuff, you're civil and well spoken, and I think you'd do great.

              And if you're ever in Seattle, look me up and we'll pop a Nebbiolo of some sort.


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                Re: What happens to this forum, what's next?

                As another infrequent poster and mostly a lurker. I second Rico's nomination.


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                  Re: What happens to this forum, what's next?

                  As for the question, what's next? Well, the Forum has little or nothing to do with the WA, except you have to be a paying customer. Rico, or one of the other stalwarts in here, could set up a Facebook group in 5 minutes, invite everyone here to that one. It would be free, you could access it from anywhere, multimedia made more simple (post pics right from your phone, etc...), and I guess Antonio could join too........ As the internet is free.


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                    Re: What happens to this forum, what's next?

                    Originally posted by Toni Fadnes
                    ........ As the internet is free.
                    Well, once you pay for access to it.

                    And of course assuming the site doesn't charge.

                    But other than that, yeah free.
                    Ken V

                    The Fine Wine Geek
                    "Don't be meek, embrace the geek."


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                      Re: What happens to this forum, what's next?

                      Rico thanks for focusing the dialogue, as usual. It's easy to be disappointed in this turn of events, and I am. I understand Antonio's professional decision, and fault WA management for its failure to have a contingency plan in place for what was clearly a foreseeable scenario once the ownership announcement was made. While they may have hoped they could hold Antonio, hope is not a strategy and hard to imagine making the investment announcement without having a series of contingency plans for the 5 or 6 most significant ripple effects that could ensue, of which Antonio pulling stakes would have been #1, 2 and 3 in my book. If I was the buyer I would have wanted Antonio in the conversation from jump street before committing capital, I think it was that material. And in any event, in my world there would have been a communciations plan in place for this eventuality, regardless of whether you got two weeks or two hours notice - "Here's how we are proceeding, here is the new leader for the Board, with credentials, here's a couple new features, everybody gets a couple months free add on to their subscription for hanging in through the transition, etc" - and that person would have been all over this BB to show continuity, interest and expertise....

                      But in the end its a BB and not the NYT. And in my case, the only BB I spend time reading or posting, and an important aspect of my interest in great Italian wines. I have benefited greatly from, and am thankful for, the knowledge and thoughtfulness of so many folks on this board. I hope we can collectively make the move to Antonio's new site, that he gets it up and running quickly, and while it will be personally annoying to add one more subscription site, the quality of the insight into great Italian wines (for me, particularly traditionally made nebbiolo and sangiovese) is worth the drill.

                      In the meantime, I will pop some older Barolo and hope for the best.
                      Here's to the corkscrew - a useful key to unlock the storehouse of wit, the treasury of laughter, the front door of fellowship, and the gate of pleasant folly.
                      W.E.P. French


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                        Re: What happens to this forum, what's next?

                        Originally posted by K. V a s t o l a

                        The fate of this forum seems like a minor issue and is probably controlled by Mark Squires with some input from RP. Seems to me they could archive the entire forum after Antonio is done here or merge it into Wine Talk. I would bet on archiving..
                        Yes, archiving is the decision and it will be done shortly, followed by closure.


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